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One of the major new features in Smooks v1.2 will be the new Persistence Cartridge. This cartridge enables the use of several entity persistence frameworks from within Smooks, currently targeting Hibernate, Ibatis and any JPA compatible framework. It also allows you to use your own Data Access Objects (DAOs).

This cartridge is great for those cases where you already have your data access layer and want to use its power from within Smooks. It also allows you to reuse these persistence resources on any format of data, not just XML e.g. EDI, CSV, JSON etc.

This is the first post of a series of posts about the persistence cartridge. This post is an introduction of the cartridge.  I will give an overview of what the cartridge can do and also show an example where I use custom DAO’s to persist the data of an XML document.  In the next posts in this series, I will show examples of how Hibernate, JPA and Ibatis entities can be used.

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MuleSource recently posted a Podcast about “Smooks for Mule” on their “From the Mule’s mouth” blog.  In the Podcast, I get interviewed by Ross Mason about “Smooks for Mule” and “Smooks”.  I talk about why I started Smooks for Mule and what Smooks can do.  I outline some examples of where Smooks is in use today, as well as what people can expect in the next releases of “Smooks for Mule” and “Smooks”.

You can listen to the podcast via the player on the end of this post or you can go to the original Mule blog post.  I hope that you find it interesting and useful.

I would like to thank MuleSource for enabling this interview.