Archive for April, 2009

It’s true… we’ve moved website yet again!!  We got totally cheesed off with the Google Sites site, so we changed to use MediaWiki.

Quite simply, we wanted a site that was easy to edit, and produced something we liked.  With all of us doing this in our spare time, we didn’t want to be wasting that time fighting the tools we were using.  Google Sites was OK, but was quite restrictive wrt how it allowed us construct the content.  The editor was more wysiwyg on Google Sites, but the result was not at all as appealing (in my opinion at least) and ultimately that’s what really counts.  An example of one simple thing with the new site…. it’s now very easy to style code snippets that look really well – check the User Guide or any of the Examples.

Anyway, we hope you like it too, and find it easier to work with.

REMEMBER…. it’s a Wiki, so feel free to contribute documentation updates.  Don’t be afraid of breaking anything as we have a full revision history.  So be bold… go make some edits!!!

Smooks will be at JavaOne this year!!

I will be running a BOF entitled “Data Integration with Smooks: Split, Transform, and Analyze Your Data in an ESB World“.  It’s on the Tuesday evening at 8:30pm.  If you’re at JavaOne this year, please drop by and see us!!